28mm Samurai Yatai Market set of 10 stalls

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A set of market stalls (yatai) and accessories from old Japan. These were often found along busy main streets and are still seen today at markets and festivals.



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There are three different types of market stall structures included in the set, and 10 different accessory sets. By mixing and matching wall and roof pieces with the various accessories and decorations, many variations can be created.

You will receive enough parts to make 10 individual Yatai market stalls and 10 sets of different accessories

  • Grilled eel stall accessories
  • Fishmonger stall accessories
  • Fruit and vegetable stall accessories
  • Sweet potato stall accessories
  • Dango (grilled mochi on a stick) stall accessories
  • Manju/mochi (rice cake) stall accessories
  • Udon (thick noodles) stall accessories
  • Tofu (bean curd) stall accessories
  • Oden (stewpot) stall accessories
  • Kites & toy stall accessories
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Item is 3d printed and requires assembly.  No minis are included.  They are only in the pictures to show scale.

Please be aware that fdm printers can leave some fine layer lines and minor imperfections. The item you are viewing was printed at .2 layer lines.  We can print finer (but it costs more), but most wargamers find .2 acceptable for terrain. If you require finer layer lines then please contact us for a quote. Everything is currently printed in PLA, colour may vary. If you need a specific colour please message first before buying.

We do everything we can to minimise layer lines and you can file or sand them out yourself. Any lines we personally don’t want on pieces we print for my personnel use we use a mix of a knife doing a flashing technique like on a gw model and minimal filing. Or you can prime and paint straight away. In most cases they are hardly visible after painting. We always recommend a little prep work before you prime them.



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