Ancient Evil cursed city compatible walls and frames, star crawler terrain.

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On offer we have a fantastic set of walls to help 3d your Cursed City board.  The ancient evil set is designed by Star Crawler Terrain for unofficial use with Cursed City.   This Fantastic set adds walls and doors to the edges of all your cursed city tiles and comes with frames to clip the game tiles into.  


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If you only want the walls and not the frames this will lower the price down to £200.  If you would like just walls then drop us a message so we can adjust the price for you.
The set all clips together with a magnet system.   You will need to purchase magnets separately as they are not included in the listing.   This listing is for the 3d printed parts only.   Also no actual cursed city components are included in the sale they are only in the product images from Star Crawler to show a set in use with cursed city.   You will see photos on  plain white backgrounds in the images these show exactly what you will get.  There are group pictures showing the walls or frames together and close ups of individual parts.
The set will require 540 5×2 magnets for the walls using one magnet each join (there are 2 holes so you can double up incase you don’t want to use the frames).  You will also need 951 ball magnets to hold the frames and walls together with the game tiles included.
If you have your own printer you can purchase the files for yourself to print directly from star crawler terrain via gumroad.
The set takes between 1 and 2 weeks to print.  There are over 300 individual parts and some pieces require very minimal assembly with superglue.  If you don’t want a whole set and want a custom parts order just let us know.  Although the set is great for unofficial use with cursed city these walls are a great modular system for d and d and plenty of other games.

Please be aware that fdm printers can leave some fine layer lines and minor imperfections. The item you are viewing was printed at.2 layer lines.. We can print finer (but it costs more), but most wargamers find .2 acceptable for terrain. If you require finer layer lines then please contact us for a quote. Everything is currently printed in PLA, colour may vary. If you need a specific colour please message first before buying.

We do everything we can to minimise layer lines and you can file or sand them out yourself. Any lines we personally don’t want on pieces we print for my personnel use we use a mix of a knife doing a flashing technique like on a gw model and minimal filing. Or you can prime and paint straight away. In most cases they are hardly visible after painting. We always recommend a little prep work before you prime them.


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