Dead Man’s Hand Redux 2-Player Starter Set

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Dead Man’s Hand is the fast paced Old West Skirmish game where every decision you make could be your last. Pick up your pistol and posse up with the local Law, throw your hand in with raucous Cowboys, or maybe you’re looking for something else? Join in with a group of dangerous Outlaws and rob the bank or hook up with the crazy Desperados, what they’re up to nobody is ever sure.


Out of stock

  • Dead Man’s Hand Rulebook, card markers, dice and deck.
  • 10 plastic male gunfighters with bases
  • 5 plastic female gunfighters plus bases
  • 3 fully detailed plastic buildings
  • 1 sprue plastic boardwalks
  • 1 sprue plastic street scatter

This is the second edition of Dead Man’s Hand, which was first published in 2013 and has gone through many print runs and
languages. This second edition is not a wholesale change from the original, nor is it a remake of a classic. After ten years out there
in the world and with a lot of success, we identified that DMH needed a fresh look and a few changes but it’s the same game as
many of you have enjoyed these past years. To those of you new to DMH, you’re gonna love it!

This is a very heavy box and must be shipped by courier.



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