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This set contains:

  • 1 Miyamoto Musashi miniature
  • 1 Recruitment card
  • 5 Skill cards


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Famed Japanese ronin Miyamoto Musashi was renowned for his unique double-bladed fighting style, for being undefeated in 61 duels and for writing the Book of the Five Rings.

The five volumes of his book set out his philosophy and teachings on martial arts, criticizing excessive stylistic flourishes in favour of a ‘down to earth’ approach, pointing out that any technique is simply a method of cutting down your opponent.

He advocated fighting with two swords – a katana and a wakizashi – especially when faced with multiple opponents. He is considered a ‘Kensei’, a sword-saint of Japan.


In each battle, Musashi chooses an enemy character and issues a challenge. Anyone else who attacks either opponent will suffer dishonour!

Five Rings:

At the start of a game Musashi chooses three of the five Skill cards to use in this battle, meaning he will play differently depending on the cards selected. These range from ongoing bonuses to one-off displays of incredible mastery.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.


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