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A set of temple walls from old Japan, used to enclose Buddhist temple grounds. The wall sections are 120mm long, and feature a covered walkway inside the walls. Each wall and roof section can be used with the 30mm high base sections, or placed directly on your tabletop.  This item is the Corner wall section, please view the rest of the temple set under the 3d alien worlds printed files category on the website to see the rest of the set,


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The corner wall is one part of the modular Samurai Temple Walls set.   These can be mixed with other straight sections, corners, gates and the Large outer gate sections.  A single line of these makes a great game board edging or you can go all out and make a board from them.  The roof is removable for interior play also.

This set contains a fully-detailed straight section with barred windows (plus ornamental window and shuttered window options), a straight section with a working doorway, and a corner section. All 3 types have optional base sections, which can be connected using the joining clips or 5mm magnets.

These temple walls can also be used as exterior walls for a larger Shinto shrine complex, with a suitable (red!) paint scheme. They also make great backgrounds for your model photos!

Please note every item is 3d printed to order and usually ships within a week, all items supplied unpainted, require assembly and any miniatures in the pictures are not for sale just in the picture to give you an idea of scale.

If you can’t see what you are looking for please message we can supply any 3d alien worlds item, all items are sold under merchant license from 3d alien worlds.

Please be aware that fdm printers can leave some fine layer lines and minor imperfections. The item you are viewing was printed at.2 layer lines.  We can print finer (but it costs more), but most wargamers find .2 acceptable for terrain. If you require finer layer lines then please contact us for a quote. Everything is currently printed in PLA, colour may vary. If you need a specific colour please message first before buying.

We do everything we can to minimise layer lines and you can file or sand them out yourself. Any lines we personally don’t want on pieces weprint for my personnel use we use a mix of a knife doing a flashingtechnique like on a gw model and minimal filing. Or you can prime and paint straight away. In most cases they are hardly visible after painting. We always recommend a little prep work before you prime them.


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